No Child Left Inside Proposed Curriculum

Grade 1

Sort Natural Objects.  Group  natural objects by kind, shape, color, or size (or do this as a group activity). Give the students a task, such as sequencing the objects or making patterns with them, and then ask a buddy to guess how the pieces were sorted. Ask the students where these things came from and, if they were pieces in a puzzle, what would that puzzle be? For example, a shell is part of a seashore picture and a twig is part of a forest picture.

Listen to Stories

Letís Go see It!  Field trip to Arboretum to identify natural objects including various rocks, seeds, leaves, shells, etc.


Grade 2

Start a Nature Journal

Make Observations.  Explain how to carefully and quietly observe nature and record things in a journal with writings and drawings. Prepare the students for observing, writing, and sketching living things. Ask the students what kinds of life they think they will see outside.

Letís Go See It! Field trip to the Arboretum to make observations and recordings. Upon returning, ask for volunteers to share from their work and see if they can persuade their peers to make a positive difference in the area they observed.

Write in Journals


Grade 3

Continue Nature Journal

Study Arbor Day

Letís Go See It!  Field trip to Arboretum to identify trees.

Write in Journals


Grade 4

Read about famous environmentalists                               .

Mapping.  Find South Jersey on map and note wetlands, forests, rivers, etc

Letís Go See It!  Field trip to Arboretum.  Draw basic map noting meadows, wetlands, forests.

Write in Journals


Grade 5

Speak out for the environment at School Assembly

Write about nature persuasively for newspaper.  Identify issues.  Talk about different perspectives.

Letís Go See It!  Field trip to Arboretum to begin orienteering, surveying, use map and compass.

Write in Journals


Grade 6

Participate in a simulated debate about environmental issues

Develop personal responsibility on a local issue

Letís Go See It!  Field Trip to Arboretum, make a detailed map, find an object using compass and clues, survey area.

Write in Journals


Older grades can develop their own environmental lesson plans, mentor younger grades, and continue community activism.



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