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Resources from Rutgers Cooperative Extension

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Educational Resources for Water Quality and Stormwater Management

  Factsheets and Bulletins

    Soil Compaction

      E338     Soils and Stormwater Management: Soil Quality, Compaction, and Residential Development, 2011

    Pond and Lake Management Series

      FS1076     Pond and Lake Management Part I: Dealing with Aquatic Plans and Algal Blooms, 2008

      FS1077     Pond and Lake Management Part II: Preventing Shoreline Erosion & Removing Sediments, 2008

      FS1078     Pond and Lake Management Part III: Controlling Geese and Other Pests, 2008

      FS1119     Pond and Lake Management Part IV: Aquatic Invasive Species: Water Chestnut, 2010

      FS1138     Pond and Lake Management Part V: Making Your Water Chestnut Hand Pulling Event a Success, 2010

    Rain Barrels

      E329     Rain Barrels Part I: How to Build a Rain Barrel, 2010

      FS1118     Rain Barrels Part II: Installation and Use, 2010

    Rain Gardens

      E330     Stormwater Management in Your Backyard - Rain Garden Outreach Manual, 2011

    All Rutgers Natural Resources Factsheets


      Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Morris County Natural Resources Webpage
        Information for Morris and Somerset Counties on Youth and Water programs, the aquatic invasive plant water chestnut,
        Troy Brook Project, and Peters Brook Project.

      Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Salem County Natural Resources Webpage
        Information for Salem and Cumberland Counties on Sustainable Residential Landscapes and water quality in the Salem River
        and Cohansey River watersheds.

      Rutgers Sustainable Nursery Production Website

  Scripted Slide Sets
     (contact Sal for PPT versions,

      Environmentally-Friendly Lawn Care

      Soils, Compaction, Residential Development, and Stormwater Management

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