Swamp Maple, Acer rubrum

Location: S. Mt. Airy Ave.
Caretaker: Jaimie Lee Vigue
Height: 66'
Trunk Circumference: 14'
Crown spread: 34' 8"
Total points: 269
Estimated age: 60+ yrs
The red or swamp maple, a tree common on swamps and wet woods, rarely attains a height of over 50 feet in the North but sometime measures 80 to 120 feet in the South.  It may be distinguished by its reddish branches; the twigs of very young trees are bright, dark red.  The leaf is characterized by three divisions, although one may frequently find specimens with the five points distinctly defined.  The flowers of the red maple much precede the leave in early spring; the twigs are red, not brown and the wings of the seeds only slightly diverge and the leaf is whitish underneath and it turns bright, deep red or orange in autumn.  It is one of the very earliest trees to blossom in the spring.
from Familiar Trees and their Leaves, F. Schuyler Mathews, 1903

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