Egg Harbor Township Environmental Commission

Accomplishments of 2010


New Projects

  • Established the EHT Big Tree Program – in conjunction with EHT’s Tercentary and the US 2010 census, we established an ongoing census of EHT’s remaining big trees. Residents can register their trees through the website
  • Worked with NJDEP Water Conservation Pilot Program on the creation of a demonstration Rain Garden at Veteran’s Park. With the help of
    Eagle Academy and public works, we began the process of turning the retention basin into a Naturalized Basin.
  • Worked with NJDEP Water Conservation Pilot Program on a workshop “Building a Rain Barrel”. We had a wonderful turnout and response to the workshop
  • Established a lecture and workshop series for the community, including topics of Healthier Lawns and solar energy
  • Worked with Beth Epstein on the creation of a web site dedicated to the Egg Harbor Township Environmental Commission

Ongoing Projects

  • Continued to work with NJDEP Water Conservation Pilot Program; this project has been extended beyond the initial 3 years


  • Maintained grounds, cutting grass and watering as needed
  • Became a destination stop on the NJ Birding and Wildlife Trail System, Birders Gamble Trail.
  • Drew Barkoff Constructed a Bird Creek at Arboretum as an Eagle Scout Project
  • Glenn McHugh constructed several new and replacements benches as an Eagle Scout Project
  • Spruced up entrance to Arboretum, working with Eagle Academy, sponsored by the Hurley family of EHT
  • Began the process of cleaning up the Temple Tract
  • Continued to repair damage as we can to ongoing vandalism, with help from public works and  the financial and physical support of Anthony DiDonato of EHT

Arbor Day

  • Continued to promote and organize the poster contest
  • Presented the gift of an Historic Minuteman Maple Tree to the Historical Society in honor of EHT’s 300th birthday


  • Continued to review plans, as required, to ensure compliance with our township ordinances
  • Continued to work with Boy Scouts on Eagle Scout Certification programs
  • Continued to publicize the Commissions activities and accomplishments in the Current, the Press and various environmental publications such as the ANJEC Quarterly Report, etc.
  • Participated in EHT’s Clean Communities Day with Public Works
  • Continued to present Environmental Achievement Awards to a township businesses for exceptional landscaping
  • Continued to work with NJ Audubon Society member John Layton and Township Administration to identify retention basins suitable for bluebird houses














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