Achievements of 2011

  • Studied the possibility of having EHT certified by Sustainable Jersey.  We completed this task and sent a final report to Township Committee on August 13, 2011 with our findings.
  • Continued to work with NJDEP Water Conservation Pilot Program; this project  has been extended beyond its initial 3 years
  • Continued to work with NJDEP Water Conservation on establishing a test and demonstration naturalized retention basin at Veteranís Park


  • Maintained grounds, cutting grass and watering as needed
  • Continued to repair damage as we can due to ongoing vandalism

Arbor Day

  • Continued to promote Arbor Day


  • Continued to review plans, as required, to ensure compliance with our township ordinances
  • Continued to work with Boy Scouts on Eagle Scout Certification programs
  • Increased our membersí awareness and knowledge of environmental concerns effecting Egg Harbor Township by participating in appropriate, new workshops etc
  • Continued to publicize the Commissions activities and accomplishments in the Current, the Press and various environmental publications such as the ANJEC Quarterly Report,  through our website and Facebook page, etc.,
  • Continued to present Environmental Achievement Awards to a township businesses for exceptional landscaping
  • Continued to work with NJ Audubon Society member John Layton and Township Administration to identify retention basins suitable for bluebird houses.  Final report shows another increase in our bluebird population.

Retention Basins

Eastern Bluebirds      101 Chicks Fledged

Tree Swallow            25 Chicks Fledged

House wren                6 Chicks Fledged 


Eastern Bluebird         4 Chicks Fledged

Tree Swallow            15 Chicks Fledged

House wren               19 Chicks Fledged






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