Egg Harbor Township Environmental Commission

Goals for 2014

"Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better"

Samuel Beckett


  • New Projects

       Work with Johns Jones and the Catawba Project studentsí projects at the EHT Nature Reserve, specifically the Arboretum.

       Reinstitute the lectures/workshops to the public to promote environmental awareness, ie rain barrel workshop, rain gardens, etc.

    Ongoing Projects

             Continue to encourage and work with the Planning Board in strengthening and upgrading our environmental ordinances, especially those for tree preservation and commercial landscaping and implementing some of the ideas from the Livable Communities Plan, such as the Green Roads.

             Continue to promote the creation of a Shade Tree Commission.

             Continue to encourage the allotting of matching funds towards the application for ANJEC Smart Growth grant for a natural resource inventory.

             Promote the development of natural retention basins similar to the one created near the library along Veterans Avenue which has survived in spite of several accidental mowings.

    Arboretum and Nature Reserve

             Continue to participate in the enhancement and promotion of the park.

    Arbor Day

             Continue to promote Arbor Day.


             Continue to review plans, as required, to ensure compliance with our township ordinances.

             Continue to work with Boy Scouts on Eagle Scout Certification programs.

             Increase our membersí awareness and knowledge of environmental concerns effecting EHT by participating in appropriate workshops, etc.

             Continue to publicize the Commissions activities and accomplishments in the Current, the Press and various environmental publications such as the ANJEC Quarterly Report, our website and Facebook page, etc.

             Participate in EHTís Clean Communities Day with Public works.

             Continue to work with NJ Audubon Society member John Layton and Township Administration to identify retention basins suitable for bluebird houses. Bird count fledglings for 2014:

    Bluebirds banded and fledged 154, tree swallows fledged 9, house wrens fledged 15, titmice fledged 11, chickadees fledged 12.




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