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Begun in 2007 as a commitment to helping bluebirds and improving the quality of retention basins.  Because of Egg Harbor Township's rapid growth in the most recent past, the township has been required to construct a large number of retention basins by clearing the land of forests and replacing them with empty basins.  A perfect location for bluebird boxes!  With the help of NJ Audubon Society member and EHT resident John Layton we have endeavored to turn eyesores into an advantage.  Mr. Layton builds and installs the boxes, monitors and bands the fledglings and reports the results to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  In accordance with federal regulations, protected species are left undisturbed and fledged, as you see in the reports below.  The Arboretum has the maximum number it can support (4) but each year as more retention basin come on line, more boxes are added.

 Bluebird Results for 2007

Retention Basins

7 Bluebird houses

18 Bluebirds banded and fledged

14 tree swallows fledged


4 Bluebird houses

8 Bluebird eggs (no chicks)

24 Tree swallows fledged

6 Wrens fledged

 Bluebird Results for 2008

Retention Basins
22 Bluebird houses
16 Bluebird nests
60 Bluebird chicks banded and fledged
3 Tree swallow nests 15 chicks fledged

4 Bluebird houses
1 Bluebird nest 5 eggs destroyed by house wrens
2 Tree swallow nests 11 chicks fledged
2 House wren nests 13 chicks fledged

 Bluebird Results for 2009

Retention Basins

33 Bluebird houses

70 Bluebird chicks banded & fledged

18 Tree swallows fledged

6 House Wrens fledged

5 Chickadees fledged


4 Bluebird houses
14 Tree swallows fledged

13 House wrens fledged


Bluebird Results for 2010
Retention Basins
85 bluebird chicks fledged
28 tree swallow chicks fledged
3 wren chicks fledged
0 bluebird chicks fledged
11 tree swallow chicks fledged
12 wren chicks fledged


Bluebird Results for 2011


Retention Basins


Eastern Bluebirds      101 Chicks Fledged
 Tree Swallow            25 Chicks Fledged
 House wren                6 Chicks Fledged


 Eastern Bluebird         4 Chicks Fledged
Tree Swallow            15 Chicks Fledged
 House wren               19 Chicks Fledged

Bluebird Results for 2012


Retention Basins
126 Eastern bluebirds
6 House wrens
14 Tree swallows
6 Chickadees
18 House wrens
15 Tree swallows

Bluebird Results for 2013


154  Bluebirds Banded & Fledged
15  House wrens Fledged
9  Tree Swallows Fledged
12  Chickadees Fledged
11 Titmice Fledged
2014 Bluebird, Journal of the North American Bluebird Society
Spring, Vol. 36, No. 2
"If You Build It They Will Adapt"
John Layton

Bluebird Results for 2014
178 Eastern Bluebirds banded and fledged
9 House Wrens
16 Tree Swallows
7 Chickadees
9 Tufted Titmice


Bluebird Results for 2015

132 Eastern bluebirds chicks banded and fledged

8 Tufted titmice chicks fledged

17 Tree swallows chicks fledged

14 Chickadees chicks fledged


Bluebird Results for 2016

51 boxes

 Eastern bluebirds

 Nest starts  42    

Eggs laid  231

 Chicks 153

Lost 78


Tree swallows 0

House wren 10

Chickadee 21

 Titmice 14

 Eastern flycatcher- 3 chicks dead in box (7 days old)

 Notes: Mr. Layton's trails had an increase of 16 bluebird chicks fledged over last year despite removal of 20 boxes, 10 at Forsythe and 10 on trails that were not  productive, there were 5 boxes with 3rd broods ( 13 fledged) 1 box with 10 white eggs (2 broods) all 10 hatched into normal bluebirds, 1 box had an Eastern Flycatcher (4 eggs) 3 chicks died in box at 7 days old .

 Special thanks to Diane Katy & Linda Mancuso (Stockton) and Lori-Jo Jamison, EHT, for their excellent work in helping monitor our trails.


Bluebird Results for 2017
Bluebirds - 256 banded and fledged
Tree swallow - 80
House wren - 58
Titmice - 9
Caroline wrens - 5
Chickadees - 32
Ballenger Woods 7 Boxes monitored by Lori Jo Jamison
Bluebirds - 34
Tree swallows - 5









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