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Arboretum and Nature Center

Let us a little permit Nature to take her own way; she better understands her own affairs than we.

~Michel de Montaigne, translated


The Egg Harbor Township Arboretum and Nature Center is located at 18 School House Rd.  The tax map reference is Block 7502, Lot 54.  Longitude: 74.65988. Latitude: 39.36557.

The open space is composed of approximately 14.7 acres which includes wetlands, wooded areas, a parking area and a large meadow.  It is bordered by a lake and woodlands.  It is open to the public from dawn to dusk.  Admission is free. It is patrolled by the Egg Harbor Township Police Department.  ATV's are not a permitted use.

Winter Alert: Neither Arboretum Drive nor the parking area are ever plowed after a snow event.  Please keep this in mind if you are planning to visit during that time.  The parking area will experience repeated thaws and freezes.

Spring, Summer, Autumn: This is a nature center and it is not treated; expect numerous ticks and bees (they are gentle).  Poison ivy is also abundant.

          The Egg Harbor Township Environmental Commission partnered closely with the Eagle Academy and the Boy Scouts to enhance the experience of the Arboretum's visitors.  These enhancements included area clean-up, plantings, a service shed construction and installation together with an observation deck, a solar powered well with pump and holding tank and composting toilet facilities.

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In 2010 the Arboretum was added to the New Jersey Birding and Wildlife Trail System

"Pine Barrens and Beyond"

"Birders' Gamble"

New Jersey Birding and Wildlife Trails

The Arboretum is used by geocachers

 Itsy Bitsy Arboretum Spyder

The Arboretum enhancement project is a long term activity composed of several phases. 

  • Construction and installation of service shed

Completed on Earth Day April 22, 2004

200 seedlings planted in a portion of the Arboretum. 

  • Construction of observation deck

The deck is handicapped accessible and complete with tables and benches for relaxing and enjoying the quiet solitude of the area. 

The observation deck, with its handicap ramp was dedicated Earth Day April 22, 2005.

  •  Solar power, toilet facilities and water

This phase began in late summer of 2004. In order to complete the project volunteer labor was secured from members of the Environmental Commission and students of Eagle Academy, members of the school building department, Aspenberg & Sons Construction Company, WorldWater Solar Power, Clivus Toilets and Polistina & Associates Engineering.

The project was completed in July 2006 and the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held October 5, 2006

  • Tree and Shrub Plantings

The area was in a disturbed state from previous use of the land and supported little in the way of beneficial trees, shrubs or groundcover.  With the help of a U.S. Department of Agriculture WHIP grant, the area was rehabilitated in accordance with natural planting techniques.  Work began in September, 2006

  • Ground Improvements

Multi-faceted and still being conducted on an ongoing, continuous basis.  Some activities included in this phase include:

  • Locate and mark a specific parking area

  • Repair the several trails located throughout the property

  • Add some trails through the wooded area

  • Secure a survey indicating meets and bounds of the area

  • Acquire benches for placement throughout the area, to be donated by members of the community

  • Improve the entrance and driveway

  • Identify and mark existing trees, shrubs, plants and wildflowers of meadow area

  • Begin a program of planting Memorial trees for members of our community

  • “No Child Left Inside” School Curriculum

We have developed a curriculum for Grades 1-6 “No Child Left Inside”.  The purpose of the project is to introduce young children to the “great outdoors” in a quiet, non threatening or scary way.  The children will learn about nature in the classroom and use the Arboretum for field trips to supplement their experience.   


  • Classroom Pavilion

        In order to more comfortably accommodate school children and perhaps add adult classes, we added a covered pavilion to the overlook.


 Big Tree Census

The EHT Bluebird Project

Eagle Scout Projects at Arboretum

Eagle Academy Projects at Arboretum

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In 2013 the Arboretum was combined with the EHT Nature Reserve.  For further updates see

EHT Nature Reserve






















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