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First Year of a New Garden

A personal diary

Off and crawling

This is the story of a new garden. It is a personal story because I am the one telling it, but I did not create this garden

It began with an idea, was helped along with a grant from the US Department of Agriculture and was planted by the instructors and students of Eagle Academy



Summer of 07 - Uncensored

We received a delivery of about 550 plants, trees and shrubs, got more dirt from public works, used the wood chips for paths

Planting took a long time

Ran a soaker hose through the butterfly garden

Rotating sprinkler through the rest

Making the garden beds

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Solar Well works! Water every day there is sun

Two young eagles watch

We visit the Cape May Nature Center so mother can share my "vision" for the garden. She makes plant signs

Bees love the thistle! The bees & I work the garden together on warm summer nights

I hope signs tell a story I worry about the bees they are so gentle - will people hurt them?

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No rain after the 4th

Deer are eating the goldenrod as fast as it comes up

A few bushes and one sapling die

Weeds begin to take over

First Monarch mid month

First hummingbird end of month

Butterflies, damselflies, dragonflies..oh, my!

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August hawks and geese and deer and lizards too!

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Butterflies enjoy mud puddles made by soaker hoses

Many hawks but no eagles

Several Virginia Pine seedlings have died

New Cardinal Flowers trying to bloom

Blue mist flowers bloom

Hummingbirds still shocked to see me

Deer eat tops of Joe Pye Weed, no blooms


Labor Day comes and goes and people talk about what their summer was like

To me it is a beautiful, peaceful memory of warm summer evenings watching birds, listening to bees hum, watching a new garden grow

I worry about leaving it for the winter

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October Good-Bye & Keep Cold

"I wish I could promise to lie in the night

And think of an orchards arboreal plight

When slowly (and nobody comes with a light)

Its heart sinks lower under the sod

But something has to be left to God"

Robert Frost

Epilogue: the garden was largely destroyed that winter and the next by ATV's and motorcycles.  We have been trying to restore it.
Epilogue II: In April, 2013, the Township of Egg Harbor mowed down the gardens

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