American Holly, Ilex opaca

Location: 3010 Spruce Ave
Caretakers: Charlene Canale and Terry Wilbert
Crown Spread:
Total Points:
Estimated age: 60 yrs.

We have our own American holly, which is indeed a fine tree well worthy of cultivation, although, through the frequent absence of scarlet berries, it has not the brilliancy of its English relative.  It is not quite hardy a little north of 42 latitude. the holly grows from 15 to 50 feet high, has light brown-gray, smooth bark, and whiter flowers which appear in May.

The evergreen leaf is rather thick and flat, has a wavy margin with scattered spiny teeth. the tree will be found in moist woodlands near the coast from Quincy, Mass to New Jersey and southward to Florida.  the wood is very white, close grained and hard. The leaves are commonly used for decorations at Christmas time

from Familiar Trees and their Leaves, F. Schuyler Mathews, 1903

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