Weeping Cherry Tree, Prunus subhirtella

Location: 549 Zion Rd.
Caretaker: Jaimie Lee Vigue
Estimated age: 60+ yrs.
Height: 46'8"
Trunk Circumference: 8'2"
Longest Limb: 36', shortest limb: 20'
Crown Spread: 28' 2"
Total points: 174


Vigue photo

The Weeping Cherry Tree is a dramatic flowering tree that can add a unique accent to any landscape. Natives of Japan, weeping cherry trees have long, drooping branches similar to weeping willows. In the spring, Weeping Cherry is covered in white or pale-pink blossoms.

Although a weeping cherry tree's vertical growth rate is moderate, the growth rate of its many weeping stems can be quite rapid. Like most trees with a weeping form, weeping cherry trees generate a lot of shade, making it difficult to grow anything underneath.
Weeping cherry trees produce blooms in early to mid spring, before foliage appears. Fall leaf colors range from green to yellow. The bark of the weeping cherry is smooth and colored bronze to brown.
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